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Shakira, Shakira

Large Cactus
Where does one go to buy a gigantic indoor cactus? I had been searching for months and had found a few good options but all were too far out of my price range. Thats what brought me to craigslist late one Monday night. I sat on my couch combing over the archives of cactus postings when I found her.

The posting began with “This is Shakira” and went on to tell the heartwarming tale of my cactus’s first 40 years of life. She grew up in a house with a sweet old man who loved her dearly. When he passed away his grandkids entrusted her to a young man named Thad who was looking to give her a new home. Thad had moved recently and the change in environment and lighting hadn’t treated her well.

Large Cactus

I immediately inquired about her and we set up a time for me to visit later that week. Though meeting with a craigslister named Thad regarding a 100 pound cactus named Shakira brought up some initial red flags (did he own a boa constrictor? a closet full of Metallica t-shirts? did he dabble in serial killing?), I went anyway. Thad turned out to be a totally normal guy just looking for a nice, loving home for his girl.

I assembled a moving crew, pulled a few muscles, found out Shakira’s hips really don’t lie and eventually got her home. After the rough couple of months that she has had, I don’t know if she will make it but I certainly hope I can give her 40 more years.